Smart fart (clever speed) moved to a new location and wanted new posters in A4 and A3 to inform about this. Both in English and in Swedish. 


They already had a poster which they used in the past, I therefore started with just adding a blurb which stated that they had changed location. But the original design felt a bit out dated so I decided to create a new one with inspiration from the original one. I presented both the original and the new one to Smart fart. They liked the idea of something new and fresh and decided to use the new design.


Smart Fart



Target Group

People living in Faluns

University students in Falun

The every day person



Smart Fart

Smart fart is a part of Hållbarhetsförmedlningen, they recycles and restores bicycles which otherwise should have ended up at the dumpster. Smart Fart is run in collaboration with Kopparstaden, ans they renovate, repair, rent out and sell bicycles of various kinds. The concept is simple and especially appreciated by international students and tourists, but everyone is welcome of course !