A competition where you should develop a campaign concept in 48 hours for the non-profit association Motivation Hope. The campaign should increase the awareness of the association in Falun and Borlänge. As well as widen the target group. The concept should be targeted towards Motivations Hopes exciting target group and be communicated in appropriate channels. 


“Don’t be such a boomer” were an expression that went viral in 2019 in social media. A boomer is an expression for someone that is traditional and stuck in their ways, a bit prejudiced and rarely tries new things. Motivations Hope is the exact opposite of that. They are girls off the future, full of curiosity, with a strong will. Girls that dares to try new things and hype others to do the same.

Our thought was to match Motivations Hopes grateful attitude to life and it has therefore developed a campaign that at first sight can sound a bit cocky in its expression. But it is actually an encouraging prompt to dare to test something new, meet new people and find happiness and benefits in new types of contacts

The campaign material has taken advantage of MotivationHope's lively spirit and courage. Quotes and colors has been allowed to take place. 

We have also worked with the butterfly, which stands for the hope and feeling of freedom that the association wants to produce.

We produced flyers, posters, a roll up, candy, stickers and material for a guerrilla marketing campaign which consisted of small butterflies that could be placed on bikes for example. All of the material could be used to promote Motivation Hope.


Dalarna University/Motivation Hope


Marketing campaign/layout

Target Group

Girls / women in segregated areas

13 – 25 years




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Motivation hope

Motivation Hope is an organization based in Borlänge who works to bring different social groups together.

They works to create a network of contacts between girls in segregated areas.