Kampanjs för mjölk

Mjölk utan hinder


Create a communication plan and a marketing campaign to a fictive dairy corporation. Build the corporation and the campaign with help of storytelling.


The story builds on Linnéa who has visual impairment and therefore  difficulties in her everyday life that some of us se as given. It is not an easy task o shop for milk fo all of us. This matter is what created the milk Linnea & jag. A milk with braille, to create an everyday, easier for all. 

The message of the campaign is suposed to communicate that the everyday life isn’t as easy for everyone and to draw attention to the difficulties people with visual impairment can experience.

Video material was created that could be played on digital billboards and social media. Podcast / radio advertising, flyers, discount coupons, shelf flip flops and roll ups.


Dalarna University / School assignment


Ad campaign/layout

Target group

Visually impaired

Milk drinkers

Young adults