Ellz magazine


Design a magazine. From idea to a finished concept. The task consisted of creating a magazine in any genre of my choice. I chose to create a fashion magazine.


The assignment started with doing a genre analysis to gain an understanding of how covers, spreadsheets, typography, imagery, layout and layout usually look within the genre. The results were taken into account when designing the magazine.


The magazine will have a youthful and modern touch but at the same time have a content that is a little more mature therefore are the target group mainly fashion interested women between the ages 20-35. The intended reader is interested in fashion on a level where it is taken to an artistic expression and loves the craftsmanship behind the clothesThe reader is confident,innovative and creative   

Click on the Pdf link to read the whole magazine.


Dalarna Unisversity/school assignment


Layout/magazine design

Target group


20-35 years

Fashion interested

Artistic /Confident/Innovative/Creative