Monki spring 2019
Monki spring 2019


Photograph and retouch commercial and editorial pictures to an imaginary client. 

In this assignment the imaginary client acted as the clothing company Monki.  The pictures where supposed to be used in a spring campaign. The client wanted the pictures to reflect sisterhood, attitude and playfulness. They wanted the models to be photographed in a city environment and that you should feel the spring through the pictures. 



The pictures where photographed outside in daylight to make sure that we caught the feeling of spring. The light where softened in the editing to strengthen the feeling even more. Essential retouch where applied and just a tiny part of retouch were used on the models appearance to keep the authenticity. 

Below are the pictures before and after retouching.


Dalarna University/School assignment



Target group

 Girls/women who express them self by the clothes they wear

Ages 15 – 27



Monki spring 2019