Falun municipality arranged a theme week to inform about Earth Hour 2021. They wanted Kopparstadens to be apart of this. Earth hours talks about the four “b:s” in Swedish which is Bilen (the car), bostaden (housing), biffen (the steak), börsen (the stock market) and butiken (the shop) as the components that affect our ecological footprint, biodiversity and climate. Kopparstaden focused on “bostaden” since it is a rental company, and made a small campaign that informed about what us people can do at home and in our daily life for the climate. 


The campaign was cerated for the platforms Instagram and Facebook to be as easily accessible as possible. We created five post with different information and simple tips about what you can do in your daily life to help the environment.


A quiz on Instagram Storie was made to increase the interaction around the campaign. The quiz was named “Hållbarhetsquiz” (translated to sustainability quiz). The quiz consisted of two post a day for five days. With questions regarding the environment and about what Kopparstaden do to work sustainable. 




Social media/video editing/layout

Target Group

People living in Falun

Kopparstadens tenants

The every day person



Kopparstaden Earth week 2021

Kopparstaden is Faluns public housing company with about 6000 tenancies around the city. Ecological sustainability is an important part of everyday life for Kopparstaden. Building and living are things that greatly affect a sustainable society, therefore Kopparstaden sees that this is an important part to convey that in its communication